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Why I took time off to learn how to be me again (Content Warning)

(Disclaimer) Years ago I had a minorly successful blog and 2 businesses that I all walked away from when my chronic illness made it impossible to fake my way through it anymore. I fought hard to stay in the game, even transitioning from a photography career to bookkeeping. Yes a number cruncher who starred at […]

How & why to give up your car in 2021

Cars are expensive and needy. Between insurance, maintenance, gas, and other upkeep they take a huge portion of our monthly budgets and time. According to the U.S. Census Bureau the average American spends 52.2 minutes on a back and forth commuting daily. So many drivers are stuck and unhappy sitting behind the wheel rushing from […]

20 Things I’ve done in 2020 that I’ve never done before

Throughout this year I’ve jokingly said “well it’s 2020 so who knows” to any odd, inconvenienced, or bad thing that has come up. It has become one of “those years” for most of us. While new experiences are a good thing there are many things that most of us have done in 2020 that we […]

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Our blog is getting a separation and we want you to spend equal time at both mom & dad’s! Sorry for the bad joke but we don’t want to lose our readers.

How to burn the most calories while riding your biking

Biking is a great form of exercise; our go-to recreation and workout for many reasons. Not only biking something almost any age can enjoy and participate in but there are so many ways to maximize your workout and get the most burn for your effort while having fun, and fitness should always be fun. Here […]

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Hi, I’m Mandy, a stay at home mom & wife with a background in finance & photography. I share tips to help you find extra room in your budgets & meet your goals as well as encouragement to get you up & moving. I love to show off beautiful places so you too can enjoy from afar to take a trip there yourselves.

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