Things you CAN do during Isolation & a few you shouldn’t

Life is difficult to navigate when it shifts without our permission, and even more so with the uncertain times we are currently in. One thing is for certain through; 1. we’re in this together (like it or not) and 2. life goes on and it should.

It’s easy to get caught in the news storm, slump into your sofa and let the world outside pass you by while you slumber sluggishly wasting the time away. This is an option, but I believe we can all do something good with this time away. Whether you’re isolating alone, with family, or even a pet or plant you can make memorable moments even in a grim situation. This is our brainstorming list below and we would love to hear what you and your families do to keep busy and have fun while practicing social distancing.

Things to do during isolation:

  • Learn Online/Learn from others/Learn a new skill (or language)
  • Journal
  • Have meaningful conversations
  • Spend quality time with family (in home or video calls)
  • Play games
  • Be creative
  • Reflect & work on bad habits
  • Binge watch shows/movies/YouTube
  • Read or listen to audiobooks
  • Create or revise a budget
  • Deep clean & organize your home
  • Rearrange
  • Sort recipes
  • Cook/Bake
  • Craft
  • Create an uplifting playlist/Discover new music
  • Sit outside & nature watch
  • Practice self care
  • Workout
  • Sort emails/Digital declutter
  • Organize a themed dinner (movie with matching meal)
  • Watch the sunrise and/or set
  • Take photos/create a physical or digital album
  • Eat healthy/Drink water

What we shouldn’t be doing now:

  • Festering in negativity
  • Staying in bed
  • Hoarding food & supplies
  • Over eating/Eating junk
  • Misinforming ourselves & others (valid all news)
  • Panicking
  • Going out unnecessarily
  • Putting others at risk
  • Sheltering our kids from important information & updates
  • Remaining silent if you suffer with depression and/or are experiencing suicidal thoughts (Please seek help immediately if you are at risk

We change multiple times throughout our lives either by choice or force of circumstance. Either way we stay in control because the outcome is in our hands. What positivity will you bring to these hard times? How will you create and design your family’s new normal? For more in depth and up to date information on the Coronavirus and how it may impact you and your community please seek the latest updates from your local government first. Also visit The CDC Website for detailed lists of what to expect and how to care for yourself and your loved ones. Thank you for reading. Stay safe and be sure to share positivity and love for your communities near and far because we are all going through this together and will all need help along the way even if its from a distance. ~The Abandon the Box Family About us: We are a family of 3 who tries everything we have the desire to try at least once. We make mistakes, figure things out together and enjoy our simple lives living car free & spend most of our times crushing 50 miles a week biking or reveling in nerdy indoor things like anime, cartoons, & toys. Our son is homeschooled and will be transitioning to a high school curriculum. We do everything on a budget and with our health (physical & financial) in mind. For more information on how we homeschool, stay active, & save money be sure to follow our blog & YoutTube channel below. Stay Home #Withme (video coming soon) Abandon the Box YouTube

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