The Florida Aquarium in Tampa

Gigantic floor to ceiling aquariums, wildlife settings with birds and aquatic life inches away, and a chance to see and learn more about some of the most exotic creatures we all secretly love just around the corner. The Florida Aquarium is a great way to take in all of that magic and escape the every day.

There’s something so serene here as you wander down the corridors, light changing and bouncing through the glass surrounds. Gigantic fish almost fly past you and seem surreal until there it is, the shark you have been hoping for. In all his glory only separated by glass there the predator of the sea swims by as if you weren’t even there, allowing ample time to observe before moving on to the next great thing.

In all of our visits to the Florida Aquarium we have always loved the sharks tank, Moonbay, and Wetland Trail. This is a must see when visiting the Tampa Bay area.

When visiting please reference their website for up-to-date information required for your visit, their hours, and pricing. Please note masks are a must at this time.

The Florida Aquarium

For those at high risk or that can’t visit in person check out their virtual programs for young learners here.

The staff are all knowledgeable in the areas they service and not shy to answer many questions. With areas like hands on stations its easy to get up close and really understand that creature you may otherwise only be able to watch through glass.

For added fee and with a reservation you can book a penguin experience and like our son, live out a dream of not only viewing penguins up close but having one cuddle up in your lap.

For location and more information:

The Florida Aquarium, Inc.
701 Channelside Drive
Tampa Florida, 33602

(813) 273-4000

Have you been to the Florida Aquarium or taken any online courses?

Thanks for reading!

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