Largo Central Park Nature Preserve- The Wildlife Watchers Paradise

Many conjure visions of dazzling lights and bold displays for Christmas and other seasonal festivals when thinking of Largo Central. What they may not know is that with a quick drive, walk, or bike ride you can be transported outside of what seems to be a concrete world and into an untouched land of wildlife happily doing its thing.

This beautifully positioned and little known preserve opens up the world of nature untouched by man and places it in the hands of those who may otherwise not see it or maybe not care but can’t help to once inside.

Largo Central Nature Preserve isn’t a large park to explore and can easily be done at any time and in a short amount of time at that. The preserve sits behind a school and gas station oddly enough, but will surprise you with 31 acres of the best wildlife viewing land in Pinellas County.

Any one, any age, and any ability can enjoy these paved and boardwalk trails. We love this little inclusive park because you will see wildlife in its natural habitat on every single visit. Expansive ecosystems make this the spot for a homeschool field trip or the avid (or even occasional) birder. We have visited this gem many times over the years both on foot and by bike, in sunshine and rain.

If you visit, be safe. As always there is wildlife present and disturbing them intentionally or unintentionally can result in harm done to you and adversely the animal. Alligators can run fast so use caution and no matter how cute the otter they can attack. Never feed wildlife.

The park has restrooms and a water fountain as well as a viewing tower and boardwalk around the water with kayak launches. It sits surrounded by a golf course with houses and condos in view along the perimeter.

Walking slow here has benefits; you are more likely to catch the random water moccasin coiled in a tree or a Night Heron sleeping in a bush. You wont want to miss any detail.

If you are an educator or wanting more information, arm yourself with common Florida wildlife facts before going. You can usually expect to see Night Herons, Egrets, Turtles, American Alligators, Otters, Hawks, Butterflies, Spoonbills, Limpkins, Anhinga, and so much more.

If you visit have fun and be safe! Feel free to share what you love about this little preserve. Thanks for reading!

Can you spot the snake?

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