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How to burn the most calories while riding your biking

Biking is a great form of exercise; our go-to recreation and workout for many reasons. Not only biking something almost any age can enjoy and participate in but there are so many ways to maximize your workout and get the most burn for your effort while having fun, and fitness should always be fun. Here are a few of our tried and true methods to help you stay fit while enjoying the ride.

How to burn calories while biking:

Walk, Jog, & Bike during your trip-Switching up the activity during a workout session will give you the maximum burn and help the time go by faster. Try riding to a park or beach and locking up your bike then walking or jogging the trails or pathways. Really enjoy this time and focus on the company, music in your headphones, or scenery.

Length & Intensity- Just like switching activities on an outing, changing the length and intensity of your rides can keep your heart rate at that sweet spot. Try to schedule a few “workout rides” a week which include shorter and fast paced rides as well as several moderately paced rides with longer durations.

Consistency is key- Don’t give up when immediate results aren’t seen. Schedule time to get out and on your bike every single week, preferably multiple times a week. Long term consistency will gain better results.

Build Muscle when not riding- Do strength training to build muscle off the bike because more muscle means more fat burn with every activity.

Get fitted for your bike- Most don’t consider a bike fitting but it is essential if you are going to be on it for long periods of time. Injuries can occur from an improper fit and sometimes simple handlebar or seat adjustments can do the trick. Find a local bike shop and schedule a fitting or consultation today. You won’t want to ride if it’s not fun and an injury will stop you altogether.

Treat it as a sport & recreational activity- Not only is riding a tool for fitness but it is also a fun activity that gets you up and outside where it’s difficult to be in a bad mood. If you ride for fun you benefit from lower stress and gain an activity to do with family & friends or alone enjoying “you time”. Biking as a sport however gives you that push and mental focus that this is time to workout. This will vary your rides and help with the length and intensity.

Fasting pre-ride- Fasting can be utilized in many fashions but should only be done so safely. Never go more than 2 hours into a ride without eating. Always pack food for emergencies and/or long rides.

Commute, Shop, Go Everywhere on your Bike- Challenge yourself to only bike (if you live in an area that allows you to do so). All those little trips add up and simple store runs now become a calorie burning benefit.

Peddle through it- Don’t coast. If you want to burn calories your body needs to be working.

Take on all the hills- I will say the best part of a hill is the other side! Getting up isn’t always easy but it’s worth it. Going down is fun but take time to seek out elevation and make a day of ups and downs that you are in control of.

Go off-road (sort of)- Seek out off road trails and rougher terrain if you have a mountain or all terrain bike. The change in pace and ground will make your body work harder and depending on the roughness also include a slight upper body workout as well.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Water
  • Electrolyte Drink
  • Towel
  • Fruit, Vegetable, and/or nuts to snack on

We aren’t physicians, so please consult with your medical professional before undertaking any rigorous activity. All methods shared above have been known ways to burn more calories and tried by us, while monitoring with different devices and noting physical results. Every body is different and may not respond the same. A safe and well maintained bike is essential to your wellbeing and safety. A professional should maintenance your ride often just (same as a car). As always enjoy the ride above all else and be safe. Thanks for reading!

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