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20 Things I’ve done in 2020 that I’ve never done before

Throughout this year I’ve jokingly said “well it’s 2020 so who knows” to any odd, inconvenienced, or bad thing that has come up. It has become one of “those years” for most of us. While new experiences are a good thing there are many things that most of us have done in 2020 that we never expected, never wanted, or never needed. Either way what happened has happened and I found it a fun exercise to reflect on all the new experiences I’ve had this year and the ways I’ve needed to change and adapt.

20 Things I didn’t think I would do until 2020 Happened:

  1. Wore a mask
  2. Turned a linen and coat closet into an extended pantry
  3. Had a tele-visit with my doctor
  4. Re-decorated my entire house because we decided we hated everything 6 months in
  5. Watched the news more than any show or movie
  6. Avoided human contact (more than usual)
  7. Started learning German just because
  8. Gained about a few sacks of potatoes in weight
  9. Spent more days as night and nights as days than I’d like to count
  10. Got rid of all our dishes & utensils & bought 1 set of each item for each of us (got sick of doing dishes all the time)
  11. Bought an airfryer & used it constantly (Not kidding, even took it on vacation with us)
  12. Took a last minute distanced vacation to the Everglades
  13. Biked way less than I wanted to because of major crowds in the spring
  14. Tipped more than usual for deliveries
  15. Had an in-person Karen experience (they do exists)
  16. Bought cloth napkins and got off the paper train
  17. Finally completed 2 year old projects that probably would’ve sat for another 2 before getting done
  18. Said out loud & to others that I have an autoimmune disease (self-acceptance is hard)
  19. Got a really good haircut from my husband & then messed it up by doing it myself the 2nd time (no patience & thank God for good hats)
  20. Not had any plans for months on end

This has been quite a year but like any trial in life we try to take it all in because it is a part of our histories and good or bad history makes up our lives and moves away without asking.

What have you done this year that you never expected? How have you handled isolation and severe worldwide changes? We hope this blog finds you well and that 2021 leads to many wonderful things. Thank you for reading!


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