My family is small, it’s just us 3; myself, my husband, and our son. We love to travel, budgeting is a way of life here, we bike everywhere, spend most of our time outside in nature, homeschool & work from home, and love to just be in the moment. Things tend to either be severely planned or happen so completely at random we aren’t even sure what’s going on; there’s no between.

What Abandon the box means

Abandon the box can mean many things or whatever you like it to be. The common sayings “break out of the box” or “living outside the box” only refers to living differently than you have previously, but abandoning it means to live free and as you feel, in a way that’s right for you and your family. Without the confines of normal societal traditions or customs and because we aren’t bound by that we live with less stress and find more time to enjoy the world around us and those in front of us.

Three years ago this idea is what led us to let go of our car. We loved biking so much and could implement it in a way that would improve other aspects of our lives. One of the best perks was getting groceries only with a backpack, you only carry what is worth it; there’s no room for junk. Every move became a benefit and learning outdoors was now a staple just because we could. The money saved was a massive eye opener and afforded us the ability to meet our financial goals in no time. We tracked our monthly miles and tallied them into the thousands year after year always trying to out-do the year before (look out 2021).

I’ve even applied this notion in bookkeeping as a way to help clients kick the habit of disorganization and messy record keeping. Abandoning the box meant they would have a better handle on the financial future of their business and we could work more closely on developing a budget and identifying problem areas right away instead of waiting until quarterly or yearly checks and box dumps. This works for personal budget keeping as well, organization and self awareness are key.

Education is probably the biggest eye opening transition we made on this journey to abandoning our “box”. Walking away from a toxic public school system and then trying a failing at many curriculums and homeschool styles we finally found our way when we made it our own. Learning isn’t a one size fits all and once discovering that you can make it what you need it to be our son who is now 15 flourished and reignited a passion for science and reading. We consider ourselves border line unschoolers if asked and needing to fit into a category but it doesn’t fully apply. All of our learning is forms from self developed curriculum, supplies based on interests, and many days of tossing that all to the side and doing what our hearts guide us to (usually something outside and active/science-y).

At Abandon the Box we will share our explorations, things we find useful, and help in any way we can for those looking for an alternate way. I share monthly budgeting advice and homeschool ideas as well as our bike rides and the great places we are blessed to see. I always thank readers for stopping by because we are grateful for the time you spend here with us on our journey, so thank you!

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