3 Days in the Everglades for under $300

Recently, like so many of us, we decided to get away; and so we did. The Florida Everglades have been on our bucket list for way too long and what better timing than during a pandemic where being distanced and outdoors is essential. Most of our trips are preplanned because frankly that’s my personality butContinue reading “3 Days in the Everglades for under $300”

Homeschool Idea- Friday the 13th with the Master of Suspense

Sometimes you just need to put down the workbooks, place plans on hold, and cuddle up for a good authentic classical scare! We are no strangers to old Horror, Science Fiction, & Suspense Thriller films but Alfred Hitchcock will always be “the master”.

Raising Informed Not Fearful Kids

Some parents have found themselves in a conundrum over what they should and shouldn’t disclose to their kids during the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s a difficult time, full of unknowns, and while we as adults struggle to get a grip on what is and isn’t how do we instruct our kids? Simple, we learn together.

Things you CAN (and should) do during Isolation and a few you shouldn’t

Life is difficult to navigate when it shifts without our permission, and even more so during the uncertain times we are currently in. One thing is for certain through; 1. we’re in this together (like it or not) and 2. life goes on and it should.

5 Things You Don’t Need to Homeschool + Our Favorite Free Resources

You may have found this blog because you are homeschooling or want to homeschool an older child. The google search alone is overwhelming in the beginning and can quickly lead even the strongest parents down a dark path of self doubt and fear. You have one opportunity (so wrong newbie, but we’ll get into howContinue reading “5 Things You Don’t Need to Homeschool + Our Favorite Free Resources”

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